Ronzoni Garden Delight® Story

Ronzoni Garden Delight's Story

RONZONI GARDEN DELIGHT is an enriched carrot, tomato & spinach pasta blend that provides a half serving of veggies in every 2 oz portion.*

Enjoy RONZONI GARDEN DELIGHT in short cuts (Rotini and Penne) in vibrant colors that showcase the vegetables. Or enjoy RONZONI GARDEN DELIGHT in long cuts (Spaghetti and Fettuccine) where the vegetables are blended together to cleverly hide in a beautiful golden pasta perfect for picky eaters and everyday pasta meal occasions.

RONZONI GARDEN DELIGHT is part of New World Pasta, a leader in healthy pasta. Our family of brands consists of Ronzoni® Healthy Harvest®, Ronzoni® Smart Taste® and the New World Pasta Classic White Pasta brands of Ronzoni®, Creamette®, Prince®, American Beauty®, Skinner® and San Giorgio®. New World Pasta is also home to Light N Fluffy® egg noodles. Learn more about New World Pasta.

*Vegetable solids from dried vegetables.